Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sledding up Rimini with friends- continued

What a blast. Rimini is the place to be when there's snow. Cooper was hurting the following day from all the stunts he "easily" landed. Micah built a fort in the trees on the edge of the hill. Jayden enjoyed her friend Alyssa Ferg. and I basked in the presence of my own friends.

Sledding up Rimini with friends

After returning from our Christmas getaway, we had to throw in a sledding trip for the new year. We called our fun-loving friends to hit the hills and away we went. Thanks to the Fergusons, Ulmers, Beechers and Christensens for a great day.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Elk '09

After a long summer of working away from the family, Jared needed some time in the hills. He had taken Cooper up, but there was nothing moving around. On Sept 26th, Jared brought down a six point bull elk with his trusty bow. It had been a long day with little noise. He was headed down the mountain- back to the truck when the bull started bugling. Jared couldn't resist and headed back up to see what was making all the racket. The freezer is now full. Thanks for all who helped!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Hunting We Will Go!

Jayden went out and brought back a buck! She is her father's daughter. Dad and Cooper took down this beauty with the bow. Upon inspection they found a spear from a former hunter, lodged in the buck's snout. It made for a very cool mount. There will be many mighty hunters in this house. Great job guys!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Can't publish pictures from Christmas 08 until you see 07. Heather's sister Amber, Dan, Max, Gage, and Jon joined us for Christmas. We had an amazing time and managed our first pictures as a family since childhood. Fairmont hot springs wasn't a bad place to get together.

We put away all the fluffy stuff and closed the doors of Lay-Out Receptions. Heather enjoyed working with her family and friends coordinating wedding receptions in the Helena area.